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Article: Guide To Housing


Table of Contents
  1. Housing
  2. Choices for Persons with a Disability
  3. Choices for Seniors and Elderly
  4. Home Ownership
  5. Reverse Mortgage
  6. Accessible Housing
  7. Renting a Home
  8. Long Term Care Facilities
  9. Housing Assistance
  10. Emergency Housing
  11. Moving

Moving requires a lot of thought and preparation. The links in this section have information on how to get everything in order for the move. You will learn about redirecting your mail from your old address to your new address, along with moving costs, and comparative living expenses from your current location to your destination. Also listed in this section are resources that have helpful information.

Protect Your Move
This site has various resources to help you with your move.  Learn how to spot rogue movers fro reputable movers, know your rights when hiring a mover, answers to frequently asked questions regarding this topic and so much more. 

Realtor.com: Moving
This site has great information for anyone who is planning to move. You will find a salary calculator to calculate the cost of living between states, a moving calculator to estimate moving costs, and different reporting services offering local school reports, credit reports, and crime reports. What's unique about this site is the ability to generate a checklist of things to do before and after you move.

Online Change of Address Form
This online change of address form is provided by the US Postal Service (USPS). 

Last Updated on 12/26/2017