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Aging & Disability Resource Center:
Serving Adams, Green Lake, and Waushara Counties

The Aging & Disability Resource Center serving Adams, Green Lake, and Waushara counties provides information and assistance to older and disabled adults, their friends, family, caregivers and the general public. We can assist by evaluating your current needs and help provide options available to meet the needs of your personal situation.

We can assist with appropriate referrals to other agencies based on customers' requests and needs. The staff is trained and knowledgeable about agencies and programs that specialize in services for older adults and persons with disabilities. We are dedicated to helping you or your loved one by providing assistance to support and meet your individual situation.

Services: * Information and Assistance * Long-Term Care Options Counseling * Elderly Benefits Counseling * Disability Benefits Counseling * Prevention Strategies * Community Resources * Adult Protective Services

How we help...The Aging & Disability Resource Center provides services that allow individuals to experience life with dignity, respect, and purpose. We provide information and assistance, long-term care options counseling, assessments, and home visits for older adults and persons with disabilities.

Who we serve...The Aging & Disability Resource Center serving Adams, Green Lake,and Waushara counties serves anyone with concern regarding the continuum of long-term care needs of adults. The resource centers' services are geared toward older adults, adults with disabilities, and their caregivers.

Mission...The Aging & Disability Resource Center is dedicated to linking individuals to information, benefits, and services they may need to support their independence, health, and desired living arrangement.

Vision...Providing information and support for our citizens to make decisions regarding their own lives and/or lives of family members.

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If you are a Caregiver, click here to find information on support groups, respite care, and more.


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