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Article: Adaptive Technology Resources

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"Dedicated to assisting people with varying capabilities in regaining their independence and providing a new way to look at life!"

Besides providing necessary products for clients with special needs, ATR also provides evaluation, training and excellent follow-up services. We have had long-term relationships with County, State, and Federal Agencies, such as:
  • WI Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • County Health & Human Services
  • Independent Living Centers
  • Veterans Administration
  • Rehabilitation Institutes throughout the Midwest

The following factors allow us to provide custom solutions designed to meet your client's needs:

  • ATR is an independent source for a variety of assistive technology and not a sales representative for any one manufacturer.

  • ATR provides personal, in-home evaluation and training services which substantiates that the technology will meet your client's need in his/her home or work environment.


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